Saturday, March 17, 2007

Image Information

This script displays information about the currently displayed image in the UV/Image Space (Window). The information it provides is already available from Blender, but it´s scattered in different places.

The script displays all this info (and some extra one) in a pop up menu. Check the screenshot below:

The menu shows:
The image object name (on the title of the menu).
The file name of the image.
The folder where the image is located.
Width and height in pixels.
Image depth.
Image file size in Kilobytes.
Image type.

Have an image displayed in the UV/Image Window and then from the UVs menu, run the script. The menu with info will be displayed, that´s it.

If you running Windows, you get some extra options (if you have a full Python installation). By clicking in the Image File name row on the menu, a standard Windows Open Dialog will launch, when you can choose to load a new image to replace the current one. If you click on the Image location row in the menu, the dialog will open at that location and will allow you to choose new image(s) to load (without replacing the current one).

Version 1.1 Download

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