Monday, March 19, 2007

Autoname Textures

This little script will help you to get your .blend files a bit more tidy ;)
After creating a new materil I usually forgot to name the textures (Yeah I´m lazy, but I´ve seen lots of materials with this issue).
The script does this for you. Notice the change in the picture below. After running the script all textures have a name made of the first six letters of the material name, plus a dot, plus the texture type.

Just place the script in your Blender scripts folder. It registers itself in the Material scripts menu.

When run, the script will prompt you to choose a material. Choose one and if the material have textures they will be renamed MATERIALNAME.TEXTURETYPE, using the first six letters of the material name; you can tweak these names now if you want to.

I coded this mainly for my Blender Library script. It will be more polite to properly name stuff before sharing with others..

Version 1.1 Download

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